Cass for the Accounts Payable Manager

Put an end to late fees and service disruptions and take charge of your invoice environment. Trust Cass to streamline your payment processes, relieve your labor burdens and provide payment assurances – removing the threat of missed payments once and for all.

Remove the Bill Burden with Cass


Remove the Bill Burden

Our telecom expense management service helps you overcome common billing challenges. With Cass on hand to audit every line of every invoice, identify anomalies and make electronic payments directly to carriers on your behalf, you can rest assured that payments are timely and accurate, even in the event of sickness or holiday.


Retain Financial Control

In addition to superior invoice management, we also put you in complete financial control. With full transparency throughout all processing, management, and billing stages, you’re firmly in the driving seat. Take charge of your payment environment and decide when and how bills are paid, even when we settle them on your behalf.

Retain Financial Control with Cass
Gain Global Visibility with Cass


Gain Global Visibility

Capture a clearer picture of the global invoice environment, while maintaining regional autonomy. We consolidate complex billing information, including managed mobility and BYOD programs, into in-depth reports to provide you with a deeper understanding of exactly where your telecom spend is going on a micro-, macro-, and global-level.

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