What’s the best way to manage BYOD payments to employees?

(Expense reports for BYOD payments is not a best practice.) 

Way back when - at the very dawn of your BYOD program - expense reports provided a sufficient way to manage BYOD payments to those few employees in the program. But that was then. Then your BYOD population was maybe only a couple of hundred, then it scaled to 500, then maybe into the thousands - and those early-stage processes didn’t scale with it. Today, if the reimbursement process isn’t completely automated (from enrollment through program termination), you have s room for improvement. 

Consider a solution that removes the burden of BYOD management, including the reimbursement process. One that keeps the payments flowing, but that you can put in place and rarely think about. Cass has innovated such a solution, and companies like Michelin and Nationwide are using it today.

Cass Direct2Carrier Payments™ for BYOD 

BYOD reimbursement

Instead of disbursing BYOD payments to your employees through payroll or using expense reports, you can leverage the Cass solution to send payments directly to each employee’s wireless account instead. In other words, you are paying a portion of the employee’s monthly expense directly to their wireless provider. When the employee receives his or her monthly wireless invoice, it reflects a credit in the amount of the payment you have made. The employee simply pays the difference.

For you, this provides the simplicity of making one payment to Cass for your entire BYOD reimbursement expense. Cass leverages its vast carrier payment network to in turn make payments to the carriers. 

BYOD Payments

This patented, award-winning solution works for a number of reasons:

  1. The Cass platform integrates with your HRIS, so there is constant validation of employment, cost center details and reporting hierarchy. Therefore, payments are not made to terminated employees, and if an employee moves to a different department, costs will be allocated per the most current information. Integration with your HRIS also makes it easy to invite new employees to participate and enroll in your BYOD program.
  2. Our vast carrier payment network includes thousands of telecom carriers, including all the major wireless carriers. (Learn more about our expertise in managing telecom payments.)
  3. Cass delivers GL accounting feeds with costs allocated per your GL rules.
  4. Our BYOD payments solution is just one piece of our complete BYOD solution, which enables employee enrollment, policy agreement, MDM, support requests and more. By automating the full lifecycle of your BYOD program, today’s disparate processes become integrated in one platform.

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