Mobility Lifecycle Management

Gain Control, Reduce Costs

The Cass mobility lifecycle management solution helps you automate the mobility lifecycle and proactively manage costs – for both corporate-liable and employee-liable devices. By engaging our expert managed services team and proven technology, you will gain the most effective and complete mobility lifecycle management solution available.

Manage IT Consumerization

Cass offers innovative solutions for organizations deploying bring your own device (BYOD) programs. Using the Cass solution, enterprises eliminate the typical pitfalls of BYOD, such as expense reports and the tax consequences of receiving employer reimbursements for wireless expenses.

Enhance Wireless Provisioning

A unique element of the Cass mobility lifecycle management solution is the availability of an online portal where employees can provision their own devices and plans (choosing from a role-based corporate catalog). This streamlines the provisioning process and includes such features as approval workflow and order status updates.

Manage Invoices

Invoice management is a cornerstone of our mobility lifecycle management solution. When we systematically consolidate complex wireless billing information from multiple sources into a single repository, we acquire the data that is instrumental for other functions, such as inventory and asset management, auditing and dispute management, and enterprise reporting.

Optimize Wireless Rate Plans for Savings

A key element of mobile expense management is proactive expense and usage analysis. Your Cass mobility specialists, with a deep knowledge of wireless cost structures and current plans from all the major carriers, takes on this task for you, providing recommendations and strategies for significant savings.

Automate Wireless Cost Allocations

Finally automate the process of allocating wireless expenses. Cass will provide a daily or weekly feed into your General Ledger or Accounts Payable system delivering the data you need to accurately allocate your wireless expenses.

Gain Total Visibility into Your Mobile Spend

Managing wireless costs is impossible without detailed visibility to expense details, inventory and cost drivers. With robust business intelligence at your fingertips, you will quickly and easily be able to access data and reports on wireless activity and spend.

This visibility into your organization’s mobile usage and spend allows you to:

  • Enforce corporate policies
  • Compare provider costs
  • Optimize enterprise use and spend
  • Determine costs by location, cost center, provider, employee, and more
  • Identify employee abuse
  • Forecast wireless spending
  • Ensure contract compliance
  • Use spend data to support contract negotiations

If it’s related to your wireless expenses, you’ll find what you need.

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