Processing payments, customer service, inter-store and Head Office communications – telecoms are key for retail businesses. But effective management can be a minefield. Cass works with Fortune 1000 retailers – spanning over 90,000 physical locations – bringing telecoms under control and delivering significant savings.

A Big Box of Retail Telecom Solutions

In retail, change is a constant. Individual stores open and close, sales are seasonal, and end-user turnover is swift. We understand the unique pressures and challenges faced by these organizations and IT teams that are often stretched thin. Cass can help retailers cut costs, stay connected, and ensure all-important store opening schedules are never compromised by carriers that follow no schedule but their own.


Software Designed for Retail

The ExpenseSmart® provisioning module supports the complex construction schedules and MACD requirements of retail organizations. Automated reporting will provide the store, region, division, brand or company financial data your users need.


Lifting Your Burdens

Tired of struggling to align carriers with construction schedule changes? Constantly confronted with an invoice mountain? Cass steps in to ensure MACD requests are fulfilled on schedule and invoices are accurate and always paid punctually, easing worries and saving you time.


Keeping you Mobile

Mobility and BYOD are rising concerns within the retail space, but without proper management, devices create as many challenges as they solve. Cass helps you keep all devices firmly under control and maintain an accurate, inventory, while ensuring end-users are supported.

We Believe in Service Beyond Software

Service Beyond Software

Software alone cannot handle the pace of change and the vast number of variables to consider within a Fortune 1000 retail business. Cass understands this, and our best-in-class ExpenseSmart® software is merely a component of Cass’s service, not the sum of it.

With Cass, your enterprise will have dedicated, named resources, with full focus on your account and a deep understanding of your processes and business environment. Our service team complements and completes your team, providing much-needed breathing room and giving rise to a new proactive approach to telecom management.

Cass on the Mobility-Cost Case

Cass works with one of the US’s latest drugstore chains to provide expense management, an employee ordering portal and the Cass Mobility Help Desk. Mobility has continued to grow during this time (48% since our engagement began) but costs-per-device are down 41%, and the company has seen an overall ROI of 632%.

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Cass on the Mobility-Cost Case: Case Study
We Keep you Connected

Keeping you Connected

Shut-offs can spell disaster for a retailer, especially when repeated or occurring on high-sale days. But with teams stretched thin, keeping track of every invoice can be a tall order.

One now-happy Cass customer came to us after experiencing every retailer’s nightmare. The chain had been experiencing shut-offs to stores due to late payments on misplaced invoices. Things came to a head when key stores simultaneously suffered a shut-off, leaving them unable to process any card sales on the biggest trading day of the year.

Working with Cass ends the shut-off risk, streamlines processes, and delivers substantial telecom savings.

Ready for a Real Telecom Expense Management Service?

Would you like to ensure that every line-item charge on every telecom invoice you receive gets audited every month – with a team of professionals to manage issues with carriers, recover all overcharges, and track your savings?

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