When lives are at stake, keeping communication lines connected and devices secure is critical. With Cass on your staff, you can rest easy in the knowledge that telecom expenses are under control and mobility is managed diligently, leaving your teams free to focus on providing all-important patient care.

Our Prescription for Telecom Health

Cass supports healthcare brands with all their telecom needs, with a focus on managed mobility services including bring your own device. We manage inventory for named and department-assigned devices, ensure service compliance, security and reliability, while controlling and reducing unnecessary costs.


Complete Inventory Visibility

Comprehensive tracking and management systems mean that Cass will always know when circuits are no longer in use and devices are ready to be recycled.


Safeguards for Patient Data

We manage policy and security for corporate-owned and BYOD devices to protect both device users and your all-important patients.

Invoice management

Invoice Management

Never risk a disconnection. Cass provides efficient and timely invoice processing that protects your organization from surprises.

Supporting your Staff 24/7/365

Supporting your Staff

The Cass mobility help desk provides essential support tailored to user and departmental needs. Your named support team will be fully versed in your policies and ready to handle any issue your staff encounter with their devices.

Our managed mobility services solution removes worries – for IT, managers, and end-users – around device issues, such as a cracked screen, or a tablet that’s reached the end of its life.

What’s more, with your data integrated into our ExpenseSmart® solution, reporting can be passed seamlessly to management.

Cass on Duty

A 50-campus hospital system uses Cass for invoice processing, auditing and dispute management. While other providers typically offer savings only in the first year, Cass scrutinizes every detail for opportunities to provide savings, finding over $2 million in cost reductions over a five-year period.

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When you're on duty, so are we
A Clean Slate to Grow and Thrive with Cass

A Clean Slate for Growth

If you are looking to bring new site acquisitions into your portfolio, you may be faced with an incumbent telecom burden, as bills continue to pour in for undefined lines and circuits. Specializing in implementing systems that unify processes and consolidate data, Cass can help.

Standardizing telecoms and devices in newly acquired sites can help bring them under your wing and drive savings that will help you realize rapid improvements. Give your teams a clean slate by eliminating redundant devices and bringing them up to speed with policy-compliant device management and support.

Choose a Holistic Telecom Solution

If you want to find out how we can help your healthcare brand control costs and manage mobility without sacrificing patient care, please get in touch.

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