Finance and Insurance

Interest rates remain low, suppressing earnings, and so every dollar of expense matters. Cass expertise helps banks, financial institutions and the insurance sector recover maximum savings and keep their telecoms under control.

The Gold Standard in Telecom Management

Savings in telecom expense go straight to the bottom-line and earnings, enabling IT to deliver improved financial results for the company, so we constantly look for ways to help clients reduce costs. In addition to full telecom expense management, Cass can help finance, banking, insurance enterprises to fully manage their telecoms, including mobility services and BYOD management.


Software You Can Count On

Banking clients love the ability to track IT and telecom costs for individual branches and benchmark against one another. Meanwhile insurance clients appreciate the ability to track total costs assigned to remote employees for clear visibility into remote costs.


Make the Most of Mobile

Mobility is a boon for field personnel such as adjusters, putting access to the most effective apps at the fingertips. In place of a camera, equipment, and notebook, there’s now just a single device that can capture images and video, take notes and contain invaluable apps.


Profit from a Full Service

Our comprehensive software is a valuable part of our service, but, crucially, it is delivered as part of a full telecoms-lifecycle service. Dedicated, named resources maintain constant scrutiny on your account, and ensure you’re getting the greatest bang for your back.

Supporting IT Transformation Projects

Supporting IT Transformation Projects

Though the banking sector is currently in good health and the insurance industry is flourishing, keeping costs in check and getting the most from IT spend is a must.

And when times are good, business transformation is possible. Supporting your strategic IT project with a successful telecom expense management program creates savings and helps you free up the budget necessary to invest without impacting earnings.

Empowering Business Transformation through BYOD at a Fortune 500 Insurer

A Fortune 500 company engaged Cass to transition 9,500 corporate-owned devices to a majority BYOD program. With Cass, the enterprise has been able to migrate away from Blackberry, save $4.3 million annually, and improve employee satisfaction by allowing them to swap a range of devices and tools for one preferred device of their choosing.

Empowering Business Transformation through BYOD at a Fortune 500 Insurer: Case Study
We Keep Retail Banks Moving

Keeping Retail Banks Moving

For retail banks, change is a constant. New branch openings, moving premises, installing ATMs, establishing branches inside other businesses – business as usual for a retail bank, but managing and tracking all inventory is far from a standard challenge. With Cass, you can be sure MACD requests will be punctually taken care of, your inventory will stay in order, and invoices will be accurate and paid in good time. 

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Organizations come to Cass for a comprehensive but seamless service that produces significant savings. For a telecom management service that really delivers, and understands the complex needs of enterprises within the finance, banking, and insurance sectors, get in touch with Cass now.

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