Why Cass?

We deliver an end-to-end cloud management service. Cass supports your IT teams with the latest automation and highly trained cloud experts. Together, we ensure cost-effective and secure management of your cloud.

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World Class Asset Management has Arrived on the Cloud

Our team of AWS, Azure and GCP accredited cloud experts partner with your DevOps, Security, QA and Finance teams to drive cost efficiency, security and compliance with internal and external policies.


Access Cloud Expertise

Cass works as an extension of your IT department, bringing our cloud expertise into your enterprise.

Your dedicated Cass team is made up of AWS, Azure & GCP certified experts. They are solely focused on cloud optimization.


More Than Automation

Our industry-leading technology applies over 550 best-practice audit checks against your environment.

In addition to our tools, our service includes the critical human touch that ensures practical recommendations.


Trusted Service Provider

As the leading enterprise expense management service provider, Cass is trusted by businesses worldwide.

We manage over $60 billion in complex payables for businesses all over the world.

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Cloud Management For You, Not Your Provider

Unlike other cloud management services, we operate independently of the cloud providers we manage. That means we take no commission from Amazon, Microsoft or Google. Our focus is, and always we be, on our service to you.

We don’t just sell you IaaS services. We are committed to working with you to provide ongoing savings and peace of mind. We aren't a cloud provider who is motivated to see your consumption increase. Our motivation is to help save you money and keep you safe. So, you can trust that our independent advice is offered with your best interests in mind.

Cass’s Cloud Asset Management Credentials

We Save Our Customers

up to 50%

of the cost of their AWS, Azure and GCP resources

We Apply


best practice checks to optimize and secure your environment

We Save Your Team


of the time it takes to effectively manage your cloud

end to end cloud management service

A Complete End-to-End Service

Cass doesn’t just offer an automated software solution. We offer a full end-to-end management service. Working as an extension of your business, you’ll get greater visibility and control over your whole cloud environment. From security and compliance to asset management and cost optimization.

Our best-practice optimization and security recommendations minimize cost and risk, while intuitive dashboards and reports help you make better-informed cloud decisions. With Cass, you get the tools and team to accelerate cloud adoption safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

See the Results

A large technology company we worked with leverages AWS and Azure in a multi-cloud environment.

In just 30 days, we:

  • Identified opportunities to reduce spend by 67%
  • Increased tagging consistency
  • Freed up over $1M of IT operating budget for other projects

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Choose the Complete Cloud Management Solution. Choose Cass

Finding people who can manage and optimize your cloud is a challenge for every enterprise. Our expertise is here for you. If you’re ready for cloud management without the intensive labor investment, talk to Cass today.

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