Cloud Security

Experience comprehensive cloud security from Cass. We’ll monitor your AWS and Azure environments against hundreds of best-practice standards, delivering proactive risk identification, verification, and resolution services, and help you to better manage the security of your public cloud investment.

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Proactive Monitoring

At Cass, systematic, dynamic, constant observation of your public cloud environment is our MO. By monitoring your IaaS configuration for a wide variety of threats, we detect and analyze any unusual activity, before executing precautionary measures alongside your in-house security team to alleviate risk.

We perform thorough scans of your system, identifying any public-facing ports and securing protocols, while tracking usage and permissions, helping to prevent unauthorized access and targeted attacks.

Proactive Monitoring for Your IaaS Configuration
Defense in Depth for All Your Resources

Defense in Depth

With a Cass service, you enjoy the benefits of near real-time vulnerability patching with self-healing automation, as well as the support of a dedicated team of cloud-accredited experts.

With a pre-programmed ‘correction upon detection’ configuration, your public cloud environment can remain safeguarded without human intervention. Or, in circumstances where fixes cannot be applied automatically, our team is on hand to help resolve any risks to your cloud.

We’ll work as an extension of your team to analyze and verify best-practice performance, aiding in the rapid resolution of risks before they can be exploited.

Best-Practice Performance

At Cass, we’re constantly updating, reviewing, and adding to our critical, best-practice checks, helping to secure your public cloud environment against the newest threats. Unlike native cloud management tools provided by AWS and Azure, which feature only a handful of security analyses, we perform over 550 best-practice checks, so we can catch as many risks in your configuration as possible.

A Cass service will also deliver full visibility over your cloud security through intuitive dashboards – flagging all issues that require review and resolution. We provide your in-house security teams with the means and support they need to minimize risk, even in the fast-paced rapid-adoption of the public cloud.

In-Depth Reporting

Gain peace of mind that risks to your environment are trending downwards over time with comprehensive, actionable, real-time data delivered via user-friendly dashboards.

We provide full visibility of all fixes, patches, and changes to your public cloud environment, delivering the insight you need to report on the ongoing health of your cloud. With Cass, you can monitor the safety and security of workloads as more are moved to the cloud, and delve into the data to compare the safety of your resources no matter your cloud configuration or provider.

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