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Management & Visibility

Regain cloud command and relieve managerial burdens with Cass. Gain access to a team of cloud-accredited specialists and enjoy expert insight, spend management best-practices, and complete financial visibility over your environment.

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General Ledger Integration

Automate the delivery of detailed AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud billing data into your general ledger and eliminate time-consuming manual processes with Cass.

For enterprise-level cloud environments – where the volume of billing and usage information is extensive – manual data entry is impossible and even partial GL data assimilation can be time-consuming.

At Cass, our team of cloud-accredited experts create a process that first consumes, validates, and normalizes vast quantities of billing and usage data, before condensing all information into a file that is directly integrated into your general ledger – no matter which accounting system you use.

We can help you ensure that all your cloud-related expense is allocated, validated, and billed accurately to the correct cost-centers in a timely manner. And, as the world’s sole-proprietor of detailed cloud charge-back, with 60 years expertise in accounting management processes, you can depend on us to deliver.

General Ledger Integration

Resource Tagging Management

With a Cass service, you say goodbye to the headaches of misallocated cloud costs and hello to comprehensive resource tagging.

We perform a thorough audit of your cloud assets, identifying misapplied tags and providing guidance on best-practices to enhance your tagging policy and support cost allocation, spend optimization, and security compliance. Our service establishes and enforces visibility across your public cloud environment. And we deliver a platform for compliance – maintaining tag validity by continually monitoring current and newly added inventory and retroactively normalizing tags for ongoing reporting.

Inventory Management

Without an accurate, up-to-date record of your cloud resources and services, effective financial management is impossible. But with Cass on your side, you gain a complete picture of your public cloud environments – even with multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud configurations.

We’ll detect when any changes are made to your inventory, analyzing resources, verifying cost center, and amending faulty asset tags within 24-hours, ensuring that cost allocation data remains accurate.

Our service delivers full visibility into your inventory in near real-time, providing in-depth reports through our proprietary ExpenseSmart® portal, and ensuring full visibility of your cloud assets for improved security and compliance.


Deliver full visibility of cloud resources, billing, and usage data to department and business unit managers for improved operational control.

Using our intuitive dashboards with comprehensive reporting functionality, your teams can track, manage, and report on cloud billing and usage data in near real-time. Enabling you to benefit from greater accuracy when budgeting and creating a powerful driver for more responsible purchasing behavior.

Budget Management

Budget Management

Eliminate bill shock and regain visibility over your public cloud expenditure with Cass automated alerts.

Access up-to-date consumption-to-budget information, be informed when your spend trajectory exceeds budget, and configure notifications to inform you when costs reach a specified level. With Cass your cloud is in safe hands, giving your teams the freedom to run prototype environments without risk.

Invoice Analysis

Say goodbye to orphaned resources and hello to full cloud optimization. Providing a team of certified professionals working on your behalf, we ensure you only ever pay for the services you use.

Our complete waste elimination service is comprised of three key steps:



Cass compares AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud invoices against the monthly accumulation of usage files, verifying which department consumed which service, for a more accurate means of allocating costs.



Using your general ledger structure – including business unit, cost center, project ID, and more – we automate allocation based on actual consumption, including an increase for management costs, so you can run your cloud just like a business.



With Cass, you can choose to receive a detailed general ledger file, individually configured for import into your system, each day, week, or month. By automating this process, all entries are updated accurately with zero touch required from your finance team.

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