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Let Cass take responsibility for your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud workloads and discover the true value of independent cloud management. We’ll optimize spend, minimize waste, and maximize security and compliance across your environment – providing the support and services you need to unlock the full benefits of your investment.

The World's Only Independent Cloud Management Services Provider

Cloud management services have become indispensable to the modern-day enterprise, providing a means to recapture visibility and control over their cloud environment. But, most so-called 'cloud management' is performed by cloud service providers or those partnered with them, creating a conflict of interest between their services and bottom line. Can you be sure they really know how to effectively manage and protect your cloud, or are they just experts in selling it?

Unlike other providers, we don’t sell cloud infrastructure, we focus on expert management of it, and that’s why we stand out. As the world’s only independent cloud management services provider, we don’t partner with CSPs, so you get the true value of an expert solution, focused on optimizing and securing your cloud.

Cass stands for two things:



Choose Cass, and you enjoy the benefits of a global expense management and payment network and the financial reassurance of a wholly-owned banking subsidiary.



Unlike most of our competitors, we promise you’ll receive every cent saved throughout your contract – no ifs, buts, or maybes.

Financial Management & Visibility

With the public cloud promise of competitive pricing, instant provisioning, and infrastructure elasticity, the pressure to migrate your workloads has never been higher. But these benefits come with internal management struggles. Who provisioned each service? Who’s paying for it? How much has been bought? How much is being used? Have budget spend thresholds been met? What does spend trajectory indicate? Such critical questions require informed answers.

Cass gives you full financial control of your cloud environment – without the heavy lifting.

No other cloud management provider can offer the same level of independent financial control. Customizable alerts eliminate bill shock, notifying you when your workloads are approaching their limit. And, with all data captured within your own ExpenseSmart® portal, you can drill down into the numbers to track, manage, and report on cloud expenditure month after month.

Attain true financial management

Our cloud-certified professionals will:

  • Gather detailed billing and usage data in near real-time from all your IaaS vendors.
  • Accurately chargeback cloud expenses to the cost centers and business units using them.
  • Track detailed consumption-to-budget and create projected overspend alerts in near real-time.
  • Show back expense owners where their spend is going through detailed reports.

Cost Optimization

Poor visibility of usage in many cloud environments makes accurate forecasting and full resource utilization almost impossible. Native tools fail to provide any real clarity, and without a labor-intensive focus on reducing waste, your cloud investment can quickly start to feel like a black hole for spend.

With intuitive tools such as heatmaps and usage snapshots, as well as our own proprietary expense management software operated by certified experts, we enable you to reap the full benefits of the cloud – delivering full visibility at every stage of the optimization journey.

Reduce your cloud spend

At Cass, we eliminate the billing burden while reducing expenditure. Every month, our staff of certified professionals will:

  • Review past-usage and determine appropriate compute instance requirements.
  • Minimize waste and highlight areas of resource optimization.
  • Examine persistent workloads and identify the most suitable payment method.
  • Execute best practice recommendations to deliver savings directly to your door.
  • Ensure you pay only for the compute environments you’re using.
  • Put you in complete command of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Your public cloud infrastructure is only as secure as the policies that safeguard it. No organization wants to be on the end of a high-profile breach, but the flexibility of public cloud services can quickly lead to security risks in your environment.


Security as standard

We’ll perform hundreds of critical, pre-built security best-practice checks and respond to alerts stemming from standards, regulations, vendor recommendations, and our dedicated team of cloud-certified experts.


Complete confidence

We’ll help identify and patch cloud vulnerabilities of all public cloud workloads – regardless of single vendor or multi-cloud dependencies – and protect them no matter where they reside.


Robust reporting

We’ll deliver comprehensive, actionable information of all threats and risks, detail the steps we’ve taken to resolve them, and provide reporting capabilities so you can monitor the safety and security of workloads as more are moved to the cloud.


Self-healing security

We’ll use self-healing automation to fix vulnerabilities upon detection, without human intervention. Gain the assurance that security gaps are being plugged in near-real time and breaches have a dedicated team of specialists on-hand.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance can make or break your company’s reputation. In addition to non-compliance fees and fines, a legal misstep can lead to ruin for your business – and compliance gaps in public cloud infrastructure can occur at any time.


Regulatory reviews

We’ll consistently monitor your cloud against 35 regulatory standards – including PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, NIST SP 800-171, SOC2 – and perform over 550 best practice checks to safeguard your workloads.


Documented historical data

We’ll provide a detailed log that contains historical details of regulatory alerts and remediation notes for third-party auditors. Simplify compliance audits with access to detailed change logs, documented remediation of detected non-compliance issues, and compliance reporting.

cloudcheckr Partnership

Cass is proud to partner alongside the largest independent cloud management platform, CloudCheckr.

Combining Cass’s unparalleled attention to detail, stability, and end-to-end service with CloudCheckr’s comprehensive software and automation platform delivers true clarity, impressive cost reductions, and extensive cloud security best practices across your IaaS environment.

Enjoy seamless integration between CloudCheckr and Cass ExpenseSmart® for complete visibility into your cloud workloads, alongside telecom and mobility inventory and spend, in one easy-to-use portal. Our expert teams will drive down the cost and the risk of your public cloud, delivering savings, support, and confidence at every stage.

Cass is proud to partner alongside the largest independent cloud management platform, CloudCheckr

Experience True Cloud Management

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