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Drive cost savings through the elimination of single-service contracts and achieve true strategic vendor perspective. With Cass’s record of quality, longevity, and financial security throughout the telecoms, freight, utility, waste, and banking sectors, you can depend on us to keep delivering year after year.

Eliminate Telecom Expense Management Risk with Cass


Eliminate Telecom Expense Management Risk

As the vendor management professional, your top priority is selecting a telecom expense management provider who delivers on their promises and provides value and service quality. But with the disruption that occurs in many large organizations, these goals can be elusive.

If you're looking for a strong, stable, global service-focused telecom expense management provider, then look no further. With over 60 years of expense management experience, Cass is the only vendor who offers the stability of a publicly traded, 112-year-old financial institution and the resources to deliver services around the globe.

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Achieve Financial Security

Put an end to premature contract terminations and renegotiations. With our rich history of steady growth and stability over the last century, you can depend on Cass to meet all contract promises and deliver a dedicated service to help you achieve true financial security.

Achieve Financial Security for Your Enterprise
Improve Contract Rates and Save Money

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Improve Contract Rates

Our service leverages detailed contract data, so you have the information you need to better negotiate deals. With Cass at hand offering benchmarking, sourcing, and procurement support, information about viable rates, terms and waiver conditions is accessible. You can relax and avoid the headache of putting together bid requirements and sourcing new contracts.

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