Manufacturing is a truly global industry, with complex needs. Communication across the enterprise is key, but keeping track of services and expenses across the entire globe is a real challenge – let alone getting the best value for money. Cass understands the needs of today’s manufacturing enterprise and will ensure your telecoms are working for you.

Ready to Assemble a Better Telecom

With Cass it’s possible to improve the capabilities of your teams and the systems they are using, while also driving down costs and freeing up plant managers’ time.


Mobility on the Move

Keeping employees connected on the go is essential, but enterprise roaming charges can be eye watering. Cass can ensure you get the best mobility plans, wherever your end-user travels.


Bringing Expenses Under Control

When corporate billing can show up on a pallet, even cutting a small percentage of costs can make a huge difference. Cass will scrutinize every invoice to ensure you’re always getting the best deals.


Dealing with Decentralization

Even when a common process for all plants seems a pipe dream, Cass can get your inventory under control, with up-to-date data you can trust and unused assets securely dealt with.

mobilize you workforce with help from Cass

Mobilize Your Workforce

Today’s manufacturing is high-tech and mobile – and your people need to be mobile too. Increasingly businesses are finding that this means allowing employees to work anywhere, on the device of their choice. Cass facilitates pioneering bring your own device programs that give more end-users access to their preferred mobile option, and a managed mobility service that ensures devices and the data they store are secure, wherever they are being used.

Meanwhile, our expense management expertise and strong relationships with all major carriers push your cost-per-device to rock bottom.

Driving Mobility Forward

World-renowned tire manufacturer Michelin chose Cass to help it manage and derive value from its mobility program. Cass developed and implemented a new BYOD strategy, supported by our game-changing Direct2Carrier™ stipends. Taking under 60 days to go live, the turnkey BYOD implementation saw nearly 4,000 corporate devices transitioned to personally-owned. And since Michelin began working with Cass, they’ve seen a 43% reduction in cost-per-device.

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Drive Mobility Forward with Cass
Gain Better Control of Subsidiaries

Gain Better Control of Subsidiaries

Many top manufacturing firms are parent companies, or own more than one brand. Keeping track of all subsidiary telecoms can be a struggle, especially when parent companies need to influence subsidiaries but avoid taking a heavy hand or interrupting business. Cass understands that you’re not necessarily just one company. We can help ensure telecoms processes are streamlined and inventories managed, across the full enterprise portfolio.

If you’re having challenges managing the telecom services within each subsidiary and buy-in for increased control is difficult, then you’ll find Cass an easy sell.

The Solution for Today’s Global Manufacturer

Modern manufacturing businesses require a cutting-edge approach to telecom, which is why so many turn to Cass. To be our next success story, get in touch now.

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