Cass Intermodal Price Index

A Measure of Market Fluctuations in Per-Mile Intermodal Freight Costs

As the nation’s largest payer of freight bills, Cass manages more than $23 billion annually in freight spend, enabling us to compile meaningful logistics data that serves as an indicator of transportation industry trends. The Cass Intermodal Price Index™ is a measure of market fluctuations in U.S. domestic intermodal costs.

July 2014

Intermodal shippers also continue to bear increased transportation costs in 2014, with all-in intermodal costs up 3.4% in July year over year.

In its latest report on intermodal, Avondale Partners wrote, “We now expect intermodal rates to increase at a low single digit pace in 2014 as a tighter truckload environment offers an umbrella for higher pricing. We would also note that diesel has been up on a [year over year] basis for four straight months (+0.5% in July), which has contributed somewhat to the upward momentum in our 'all-in' intermodal price index.”

From a volume perspective, the American Association of Railroads reported that U.S. intermodal volumes were up 8% in May, 7% in June, and 5% in July compared to last year.

Cass Intermodal Cost Index July 2014

Intermodal Cost Index July 2014 

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Index Definition

The Cass Intermodal Price Index is an accurate, timely indicator of market fluctuations in per-mile U.S. domestic intermodal costs. The index includes all costs associated with the move (linehaul, fuel and accessorials). It is based on costs as of January 2005 and uses a base value of 100.

Data within this unique index is derived from actual freight invoices paid on behalf of Cass’ clients, which totaled over $23 billion in 2013.

Cass partners with the securities analyst firm Avondale Partners LLC to publish this Index.

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