What Retailers Can Learn from Waste Benchmarking Analysis

9 April 2019 | Posted by Cass Waste Marketing

Retailers are starting to seek a deeper and more thorough understanding of not only what their waste expenses are, but how they compare to others in the industry as well as the local market rate(s).  You may believe you’re getting a good deal from your hauler, but how do you really know?

Could a few overages at varying locations really be adding up to big spend overall?  Comparing your waste expenses to market and peer pricing can restore confidence that your costs are in line.  It can also shed light on discrepancies that could be going unnoticed. 

So how exactly DO you validate and justify your waste expenses?  The short answer is Benchmarking.

Benchmarking is likely a practice you have adapted to other business associated costs, so why not WASTE? You could be paying up to three times more for the same services of neighboring stores, killing your budget and decreasing profits. Knowing what, why and who you’re paying for waste and recycling is important to your business. Waste Benchmarking Analysis gives insight into costs that impact your budget and visibility into areas for improvement so that you can adapt and stay in line with your competitors.

Retailer contract agreements can vary upon location, therefore, identifying which stores may benefit is important. Benchmarking data points should represent aggregated data from all waste and recycling services including dumpsters, compactors, totes, and recycling. It should also take into consideration applicable waste surcharges, regulatory surcharges, and industry-specific trends. All factors that are unique to waste and recycling, not always top of mind to those focused-on core retail business functions.

Using your own resources to gather such data for side by side comparison would be costly and ineffective. Finding a trusted partner with industry and market data is key. Cass Waste Expense professionals have the market research, resources and knowledge to optimize your store's operational efficiencies and budgets. Our Waste Benchmarking Analysis can provide critical knowledge-based data for tactical and strategic use.

Cass Waste Benchmarking Analysis utilizes the knowledge base of leading industry experts with multiple specialties.  These industry experts not only ensure data validity but also provide insight into market trends specific to the clients’ business.  Our waste experts can help you understand how you compare to peers, procure the right services and build a roadmap for long-term sustainability.

Waste bench marking is one of several professional services offered in addition to our core managed services.

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