Bill Payment



Bill Payment

99% Accurate

Combine faster, more accurate waste and recycling bill processing with powerful business intelligence to reduce costs and control risk. And experience true fiscal reliability - with Cass, your waste and recycling invoice payments are backed by over a century of financial excellence and stability.


Processing and paying waste and recycling invoices on time and accurately to avoid service disruptions and late fees due to missing bills.


Cass's bill payment service processes millions of invoices annually and on time, with 99% accuracy.

  • Missing bill
  • Accounts not on file
  • Duplicate check protection
  • Workflow approvals
  • Exception handling
  • Service disruption prevention
  • Expedite early pay
  • Accrual & GL coding
  • GL or A/P interfaces
  • ACH
  • Checks
  • For qualified haulers and clients, Cass will pay invoices within three days of receipt of the invoice
  • Client funds Cass within standard terms
  • Not only do we take invoice management off of your hands, but we also deliver detailed, custom-built accounting files directly to your ERP or accounting system. Our client's accounting requirements vary wildly, as do their account/ERP systems, but one thing is consistent: your accounting rules will stay the same. And our commitment to accuracy is strong.

Ready to Wave Goodbye to Complex Waste and Recycling Invoice Processing?

Put our world-class processes, technology, and industry experts to work, removing the hassle of managing waste and recycling documents so you can focus on your core business functions.

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