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Modern pressures around waste and sustainability mean the way you manage your refuse has become a matter of brand importance. Our closed-loop procure-to-pay waste expense management solution delivers best-practices for your industry, data for regulatory compliance, and continuous improvement – saving you money and maintaining your brand reputation.

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Invoice Processing and Payment

As a world-class leader with over 100 years' experience managing monthly invoices for our clients, we know each bill tells a story. And we know the root of cost control lies in a proven, repeatable, and scalable approach. Our service is built on best-practice, including the monthly processing, auditing, and payment of each invoice – on time.

Each month, we receive your invoices, match them to your contracts, audit for discrepancies, and make payments on your behalf. Our proven proprietary methods ensure your bills are error-free and paid on time, safeguarding against any disruptions in service.

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invoice processing

Supported by the Stats

Trusted With

>$90 Billion

in annual disbursements, managed by over 1,100 employees globally

We Process and Pay

50 Million

invoices each year

We Manage


units of equipment for customers across North America

Invoice Audit

We systematically review each invoice for errors – including incorrect billing, overcharges or excess fees. Our team of experts then relay any discrepancies to your haulers on your behalf and work with them to recoup any overcharges and correct the error.

We have relationships with thousands of waste service providers and know the right contacts to work with to fix errors quickly and effectively.

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Our Auditing Service

We protect you from incorrect charges by providing:

  • Line-item level auditing of service invoices
  • Tracking of extra/temporary service orders
  • Detailed error description reporting
  • Error correction confirmation with vendors
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Customer Support

Cass is not a waste broker – achieving a balanced, sustainable approach to your complex waste management requires so much more.

We deliver a transparent, outsourced service that manages costs, improves efficiencies, and applies best-practices to all aspects of your waste and recycling. We interface with your vendors so you don't have to.

Any time you have a question or issue, just reach out to our friendly, professional customer support staff.

Working as an extension of your own team, Cass delivers unmatched response times and legendary service quality. 

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Reporting and Analytics

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Cass provides detailed reports and analytics on each bill processed, by vendor, GL, region, or service type. You’ll know the status of each dispute we're handling on your behalf.

And you’ll have the reporting you need to meet regulatory requirements or to show your progress on your environmental program goals.

Cass reporting and analytics give you visibility into:


Spend by waste vendor & location


Savings performance & payments status


Audit dispute status & waste vendor contracts


Service orders & service analysis


Sustainability & recyling


Customer support activity

Dispose of Invoice Issues and Protect Your Brand

Why risk tarnishing your brand with poor waste expense management practices? Get in touch to find out more about powering your environmental program with our time, talent, and technology.

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