2020 Budgeting for Waste & Recycling

29 August 2019 | Posted by Cass Waste Marketing

As 2020 approaches, many businesses are busy planning budgets for the year ahead. With the number of responsibilities and processes that are core to running your business it can be challenging to develop, implement and measure a best practice for each. In order to avoid inaccurate and time-consuming mis-projections, it would be wise to leverage the insight and expertise for specific non-core business functions wherever possible.

An expense category you may want to approach with a critical eye is waste & recycling. Businesses leaders and consumers alike are increasingly attentive to the sustainability and recycling efforts of those organizations they select to do business with, resulting in brand and financial accountability. Inefficient operations related to waste services and expense management are taking more time, money and are even adding risk to businesses. While your team members may be experts in there space, waste and recycling programs can be tough to navigate.

Fortunately, there are services and solutions that exist to support you in 2020. Cass Waste Expense Management has saved businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in waste management. Review the four pillars your teams should have in place to achieve budget goals for 2020.

4 Pillars of a Successful Waste & Recycling Budget:

ONE: Avoid Paying Above Market Rate(s)

The waste & recycling industry is going through a significant transformation period, leading service providers to rest pricing conditions and local governments struggling to adapt. With multiple sites to manage, ensuring market pricing for each waste contract is virtually impossible.

Cass has access to thousands of unique data points across North America that allows us to analyze and benchmark your current rates and services to the market as well as your industry.

TWO: Ensure Pick-Up Services are Fully Optimized

Whether financial, seasonal or project based, every business has its own unique needs. The operational and day to day functions of your waste ecosystem vary and take time and attention from your core business activities. When not fully managed or executed, this could cost time and money.

You may think your waste and recycling services are being optimized, but until you are provided with a detailed report comparing your service levels to optimized levels, you may be surprised. As a third-party managed service provider, Cass has your best interests in mind. Our number one goal is to reduce and control your spend.

THREE: Automate Your Invoice Audit Process

Automated invoice processing  is more efficient, secure and effective. Implementing separate solutions for complex and or non-core business functions allows for competitive advantage, improved vendor relationships and services.

As the New Year approaches, there's no better time to reassess your waste & recycling disposal costs. A recent audit revealed that Cass recommendations amounted to over $100,000 savings per year. Consider the following factors when addressing your waste operations:

  • What waste do you currently use?
  • How do you currently consolidate waste?
  • How do you currently ship waste out?
  • What process is being used for disposal of your waste? ( landfill, incinerate reuse, recycle, etc)

FOUR: Utilize Analytics & Reporting to Measure Results

Information collected via data insights can have a transformational impact on your organization. Drive better performance, decision-making and competitive advantage by utilizing analytics specific to your sites waste and recycling.

As they say "You Can't Manage What You Can't See." Cass has developed one of the most robust reporting and analytic platforms in the waste expense industry providing empirical data for tactical strategic decision making.

As a world-wide leader in expense management, our team of experts have compiled best practices for waste & recycling expense management over the last 20+ years. If these are not part of you waste disposal plan, contact Cass Waste Expense Management to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated experts.

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