On Demand Webinar: How to Measure What You Can’t See

22 February 2019 | Posted by Cass Waste Professional Services

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Waste Expense Management 101: How to Measure What You Can’t See

Duration: 15 Minutes

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Waste expenses seem pretty simple on the surface. Invoices come in each month and AP pays them. But if you check those invoices more closely, you’ll notice three things right away – inaccuracies, new fees and charges, and rising costs. In addition, you'll start to realize there is a lot you can't see. Why is the Charlotte location ordering more trash pickups than any other location? Why is Plano getting hit with so many new waste fees? Which is your most effective location when it comes to waste stream management? Where can you be doing a better job with recycling?

This webinar will show how analytics can be derived from centralized customer support that bring new insights for optimization and efficiency in the waste expense category.

For: Financial professionals managing and optimizing monthly recurring costs, procurement, operations, store managers, property managers, general managers, or sustainability experts responsible for waste and recycling, zero waste, food waste, circular economy, waste vendor management

Presented by:

Dreese Bonkowski, Reporting and Business Analytics Specialist

Cass Information Systems, Inc., Waste Expense Management Group

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