The Benefits of Investing in Public Cloud Certification

1 September 2020 | Posted by Matt Willis

The demand for managed public cloud services is growing. COVID-19 has fast-tracked its adoption due to the substantial growth of remote working and the large number of employees that are accessing business-critical services from home. 

As cloud requirements get more complex, enterprises must evaluate the level of service, credibility, and expertise that their cloud services provider offers.

Surveys have revealed that 90 percent of IT decision-makers report cloud skills shortages. 

To fill this skill gap, you should look for a provider with certification that demonstrates their experience, knowledge, and credibility working within the cloud. 

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How Cloud Certification Can Benefit You

Cloud certifications are a great way to validate the knowledge, technical proficiency, and confidence that your managed service provider has in the cloud. And with the cloud computing market expanding at an exponential rate, it's more important than ever to ensure your getting the best service possible. 

Here are the key benefits that cloud certification can provide. 

Demonstrates In-depth Industry Knowledge

Certifications are a great way of measuring skills and knowledge against industry benchmarks.

If you're working with team members that have public cloud certifications, then it demonstrates that they have a deeper understanding of cloud offerings than non-certified peers. This means they're better equipped to give advice, identify cost-savings, and manage cloud services at your enterprise. 

Individual vendors like AWS, Azure, and Google's GCP all have certifications that you should look for when choosing a cloud management provider. These are usually a good indication that your chosen provider is made up of accredited experts in each solution that will be in the best position to give you quality service across your network. 

Ensure You're Equipped for the Future

Cloud technology is constantly developing. And as products, services, and solutions get more extensive, in-depth, and widespread, it's pertinent to have support from industry experts that have their finger on the pulse. 

Cloud certification ensures that your team has access to the thorough understanding necessary to adapt to complex industry changes as and when they arise.

For example, if your enterprise needs additional infrastructure, compliance support, or cloud optimization, then it pays to have assistance from impartial experts with the knowledge and foresight for future developments in mind. 

Maintain Compliance with Industry Regulations

Cloud certification means that you know how to stay compliant with cloud regulatory standards.

As regulations change all the time, maintaining compliance across your cloud estate is an ongoing challenge. And with industry changes and the demand for remote working growing exponentially, you must ensure your cloud investment is secure and compliant now, and for the foreseeable future. 

Partnering with a cloud management provider makes it easy to stay on top of your compliance. With proactive monitoring from cloud-certified experts, you can quickly identify and correct any compliance issues. This additional insight protects from any unknown compliance risks that you might have missed, giving you complete peace of mind over your cloud environment. 

Make the Most Out of Your Cloud

To compete favourably in the market, you must understand your existing cloud environment. A cloud audit can empower you to get more from your cloud and uncover opportunities to optimize your environment. 

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