Retailers - Get Control of your Waste Costs

Retailers face unique challenges when it comes to managing waste and recycling. If you have a large number of stores and distribution centers, then it is likely that multiple people are involved in managing contracts, invoices, service requests, as along with the many other complex needs required for waste expense management. For instance, you likely have contracts with numerous waste haulers, but no standard fee structure. And most importantly, because waste invoices are scarce on details, there is no real visibility into the expense – at either the store or corporate level. This leaves you with no data or leverage to get costs under control, nor ways to reduce them. Meanwhile, haulers continue to send price increases your way.

Most retailers must manage hauler contracts and invoices derived from several sources, such as:

  • Directly negotiated
  • Negotiated by the landlord, but the hauler is paid direct
  • Negotiated by a third party hired by the landlord
  • Included in your common area maintenance fee

Understanding and finding time to manage this complex web of waste and recycling expenses can be frustrating and unproductive if you don’t have the right business partner – one that has the time, talent and technology to assist you.

This is where Cass comes in. Cass is not a broker. We are a trusted managed services partner who provides both the data and the leverage you need to reduce – and then control – your costs. We accomplish this by focusing on three main activities:

  1. Benchmarking your current haulers, rates and services to the local market(s) and peers 
  2. Implementing a Sourcing and Procurement event that puts your stores in a competitive rate and service category. This optimizes waste service levels – Cass maintains accurate data on the waste volume generated at each of your locations. Using this information, we can determine the right mix of equipment and service frequency for each of properties, helping your reduce costs with no degradation in service. 
  3. Installing our closed loop waste expense management program that gives you the assurances needed to focus on your core business functions.

Our procure-to-pay core solution for managing waste and recycling includes:

  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Invoice Processing and Dispute Management
  • Invoice Audits and Optimization 
  • Centralized Customer Support for day-to-day service requests 
  • Visibility to inventory, costs and usage
  • Vendor Management
  • Secure, on-time Bill Payment
  • Plus, Professional Services: Environment Assessment and Benchmarking

Working with Cass, you will offload day-to-day management of your waste removal needs. Think of us as your full-time waste management department. Using the centralized support that Cass provides, your store managers will have one number to call for all waste-related needs.

Ready to Wave Goodbye to Complex Waste Processes?

Put our waste experts to work removing the hassle from tactical and strategic management of your waste expenses. We’ll take care of your waste and recycling, so you and your employees can focus on your core business activities.

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