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Get Control of Your Waste

Hotels utilize a large amount of resources and generate an immense amount of waste. Standard hotel processes typically contribute to larger waste generation, leading to costly waste disposal and minimized sustainability efforts. Realize the benefits of implementing an effective waste management solution that streamlines financial and operational goals, as well builds your brand.



Simplify the Complexities of Waste Management

Cass recognizes the uniqueness of your industry. Managing vast amounts of waste and the various streams is a major challenge. Eliminate your in-house teams struggle to with keep up with ever-changing industry standards and local mandates. Cass Waste Expense Management provides a suite of professional and core services for every aspect of your waste operations. From the day to day tasks of pickup schedules to construction and renovation support and performance metrics delivery, Cass has you covered.

Sustainability for Your Hotel

If your hotel has not yet added a recycling program, Cass can provide guidance for designing and implementing your program. Beneath the marketing cloud of ‘going green’ with recycling lies a rugged terrain of real-world business challenges. Vendor service capabilities, geographic footprint, site-specific design limitations, education, and cost-of-service are just a few common issues that need to be navigated by businesses looking to implement a corporate recycling program.





Get Cass Certified

Our LEED-accredited professionals and resources bring proven experience in service plan design and intimate knowledge of recycling markets, vendors, equipment and methods. Our experts will help you evaluate viable, business-practical green waste solutions to balance sustainability goals with responsible expense control.

Ready for Better?

If you’re looking to take advantage of simplified waste expense management for your organization, then it’s time to talk to the experts.

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