The Benefits of a Cloud Agnostic Partner

29 October 2020 | Posted by Matt Willis

In recent years, cloud computing has become firmly established as the new normal for enterprise IT, and the recent global health crisis has only accelerated its uptake. In the space of a few months, businesses across the world increased their reliance on cloud-based infrastructure and solutions. 82% of IT leaders say they’ve escalated cloud use in direct response to the pandemic, while 91% are planning to alter their cloud strategy.

This shift has put demand on already-pressured internal teams to manage a rapidly growing and changing cloud environment. And when your cloud environment comprises the infrastructure and remote working applications that your teams need to keep daily operations afloat, it has never been more critical to effectively manage and optimize your cloud.

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The Challenges of Cloud Optimization

While cloud computing has undoubtedly facilitated enterprise IT innovation, the ease of cloud adoption is not without its downsides.

Up to 81% of businesses are using multiple cloud providers, leading to incohesive cloud environments that may work well, but have a whole host of insidious inefficiencies lurking throughout. For example, many organizations still don’t have the internal resources to effectively review, audit, and optimize their cloud.

Everything from cloud costs, capacity, compliance, and security can continue to go poorly managed without the right level of visibility, especially when you are working with multiple cloud service providers. And for essential processes like cost management, many of them have conflicting interests between the services they offer and what you actually need to spend.

However, it’s difficult to source applications and infrastructure that are compatible on a global-scale or across multiple platforms. This introduces further complexity caused by the adoption of cloud-native applications, architected to be platform-specific. While this set-up provides working solutions, using disparate systems across your cloud environment is not as cost-effective, secure, and efficient as it could be.

How Can a Cloud Agnostic Partner Help?

It’s evident that cloud reliance will continue, so now is the right time to take a closer look at your environment. However, this can be challenging without access to the skills, strategy, and resources to perform a comprehensive cloud audit. How can a cloud agnostic management partner help?

Improve Visibility of Your Cloud

One of the greatest challenges to a complex cloud environment is visibility. Understandably, when you have no centralized platform to assess essential cloud data such as spend and security, your business is blind to rising costs or imminent vulnerabilities. And, it’s likely your IT department does not have the time or resources to manually audit your cloud environment – yet alone effectively across a global and complex enterprise infrastructure.

A managed cloud provider can provide the cloud agnostic oversight that’s required to improve visibility. A skilled team acts as an extension of your IT department and audits your multi-cloud at scale. This provides an expert understanding of your cloud infrastructure that your internal teams cannot achieve alone, and permanent, long-term visibility of how you’re using cloud resources.

Optimize Your Cloud Costs

After taking an in-depth look at your cloud environment, a cloud agnostic partner can offer an objective opinion on how best to control cloud spend. While cloud providers will have incentives to manage or upsell your costs, an expert partner will work with you to report full transparency over your cloud spend.

You can choose to action opportunities that will optimize your costs, keeping your business in control while simultaneously rightsizing your environment – independent of multiple provider’ opinions. For example, one large tech company chose to work with Cass to optimize their cloud costs across their AWS and Azure multi-cloud environment, with great results. We identified opportunities to reduce spend by 67% and freed up over $1M of IT operating budget for other projects.

Secure Your Cloud for the Future

If your organization plans to implement a permanent remote working policy, it’s vital to reassess your approach to cloud security. In the future, your remote or office-based employees will continue to use remote working applications that present ever-changing cyber threats. To tackle this, you’ll need responsive security perimeters that work well across every cloud provider application you use. Yet, this is difficult to obtain without a dedicated team – especially one with multi-vendor skills.

A cloud management partner can support your IT department to manage your security demand. They can introduce user-friendly reporting, best practice security checks, and catch risks to your cloud environment for you – going beyond the ability of your internal teams and helping to secure even a multi-cloud environment.

Regain Control of Your Cloud 

At a time where many enterprise businesses realize that greater cloud usage isn't a temporary trend, the prospect of wasting cloud resources should be avoided at all costs. With the help of a cloud management partner, you can achieve a cloud agnostic perspective that will help you maintain control over your cloud for the future, no matter what changes arise. 

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