Why Cass?

For waste expense management, Cass has no equal. Our service delivers the time, talent, and technology you need to maintain sustainable waste management practices – backed by over a century of financial reliability.

Cass Saves You Time

Cass Saves You Time

From handling monthly invoices and payments, to putting in requests with haulers, including financial and compliance reporting, waste and recycling can take up a lot of your staff’s time.

As your outsourced waste expense management department, our deep waste industry knowledge removes the distraction of managing your waste, so you can focus on taking your business to the next level.


America is faced with a perfect storm that risks accelerating growth in landfill costs: increased waste generation per capita, slowing approval of landfill capacity and China’s ban on imported recyclable materials.

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Unbeatable Service from Experienced Waste Professionals

Experienced Waste Professionals

Our team includes professionals with decades of waste and recycling experience, combined with more than 60 years of invoice and payment know-how. We have deep relationships with waste service vendors which means we know who to call for what. Our in-house customer support staff becomes your dedicated single point of contact for all your waste and recycling needs – big or small.

Revealing Insights from Analytics

The Cass closed-loop procure-to-pay approach brings improved efficiency, processes, and visibility. Our proprietary platform captures your information – on everything from contracts to invoices, to claims status, to vendor requests – delivering detailed analytics never before possible. With Cass, you have complete transparency into your services and transparency across your entire waste environment – down to each site and inventory item.

Revealing Insights from High-Value Analytics

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in annual disbursements, managed by over 1,100 employees globally

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50 Million

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units of equipment for customers across North America

We Own the Bank

We Own the Bank

Thanks to our wholly owned banking subsidiary, Cass Commercial Bank, Cass clients find comfort in knowing their payments are secure. And with a sophisticated payments infrastructure, we provide flexibility and global capabilities not matched by other providers.

  • We are regulated by the U.S. Federal Reserve.
  • All employees must pass rigorous criminal and financial background checks.
  • Clients have full transparency to the payment process.

Protect your Waste Eco-System with Cass Waste Expense Management Closed-Loop Methodology

Tight cost controls and processes start with the invoice.

Cass processes over 240,000 invoices daily by capturing and analyzing complex billing information from multiple vendors into a single data repository. Our years of experience has led to develop a systematic approach to invoice processing. Using the Cass Closed-Loop Methodology we can mitigate risks around escalating costs and identify inaccuracies and inefficiencies around your organizations waste and recycling.

Using WasteVision Analytics, we collect insight of relevant data points around site waste and recycling operations and costs. Cass utilizes these insights to audit, dispute and measure usage, services, cost, and overall performance. We provide shared data access allowing your team to create on demand, unique reports as needed.

Our closed-loop methodology consists of seven pillars that provide visibility, transparency, and tight financial controls around your waste ecosystem. Any business wishing to maintain or improve upon operational efficiencies and waste expense, should consider Cass, the leader in waste expense management.

  • Sourcing & Procurement: We employ a proprietary knowledge-based sourcing and procurement system that delivers quality results through contract assessment, service optimization and value-based negotiations that are geo-specific to the most qualified vendor.
  • Invoice Processing: We systematically capture, process and analyze complex billing from multiple sources and provide you with key data and metrics.
  • Invoice Audit & Optimization: Using WasteVision platform in conjunction with WasteVision Analytics, we can detect discrepancies, recover costs and identify areas for improvement around waste expense & management.
  • Bill Payment: Our proven proprietary methods ensure your bills are error-free and paid on time, safeguarding against any disruptions in service.
  • Customer Support: We provide an unmatched response time on the most critical service issues your site managers are confronted with daily. Our team expedites and simplifies the process, saving you time and resources.
  • Vendor Management: We work with a dedicated network of waste service partners at the local, regional and national level. Cass maintains, non-compensatory, strategic and tactical relationships with our clients interest top-of-mind. We manage day-to-day service requests, recover errors, ensure credits are applied, optimize your waste eco-system and negotiate client-centric contracts.
  • WasteVision Through shared data access, you’ll have direct insight into all waste related costs, usage and market pricing. Cass provides complete transparency and visibility across your entire waste eco-system – from the site level to each inventory line item.


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