Sustainability and Recycling

Implementing an Environmental Sustainability  Program for Your Organization 

Let Cass guide you through the design and implementation of a program that works. Beneath the marketing cloud of ‘going green’ with recycling lies a rugged terrain of real-world business challenges. Vendor service capabilities, geographic footprint, site-specific design limitations, education and cost-of-service are just a few common issues that need to be navigated by businesses looking to implement a corporate recycling program.

Our experts bring proven experience in service plan design and intimate knowledge of recycling markets, vendors, equipment and LEED methodology. Our experts will help you evaluate viable, business-practical green waste solutions to balance sustainability goals with responsible expense control.

Get Cass Certified

The Cass High Performing Waste Sustainability Program is an acknowledgment of an organization's commitment to best practices, transparency and ongoing education of waste and recycling. Our experts work alongside your teams to ensure your sustainability goals are achieved, and we'll provide the data to prove it. Cass has experience across multiple verticals and industries, able to build a corporate recycling program to suit the unique needs of your organization.

Ready to Wave Goodbye to Complex Waste Processes?

Put our waste experts to work removing the hassle from tactical and strategic management of your waste expenses. We’ll take care of your waste and recycling, so you and your employees can focus on your core business activities.

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