Sustainability and Recycling

Reduce the Cost of Your Corporate Recycling Program 

A distinct component of a company’s waste program is its recycling initiative. Cass provides expert guidance and management of corporate recycling programs to deliver savings in both time and money.

Working with Cass, you will offload the management of your recycling program while saving money. Our complete solution for recycling management includes: 

  • Sourcing 
  • Program design and implementation 
  • Contract management
  • Invoice processing/auditing
  • Service optimization
  • Centralized support/vendor management

Increase your Buying Power and Reduce Recycling Costs

Managing recycling for hundreds of clients gives us detailed insight into market rates across the U.S. When we negotiate your contracts, we leverage the data from our waste expense management technology platform (WasteVision™) to set target rates and fee structures. Because Cass already works with recycling companies everywhere, our clients tap into the buying power of our organization to achieve better rates than they could negotiate alone.

Also, by also continuously monitoring invoices for errors, your recycling costs will be completely controlled.

Implementing your Corporate Recycling Program 

If your organization does not yet recycle, Cass can provide much-needed guidance for designing and implementing your program. Beneath the marketing cloud of ‘going green’ with recycling lies a rugged terrain of real-world business challenges. Vendor service capabilities, geographic footprint, site-specific design limitations, education and cost-of-service are just a few common issues that need to be navigated by businesses looking to implement a corporate recycling program.

Our LEED-accredited professionals and resources bring proven experience in service plan design and intimate knowledge of recycling markets, vendors, equipment and methods. Our experts will help you evaluate viable, business-practical green waste solutions to balance sustainability goals with responsible expense control.

Sustainability Reporting

An increasing number of organizations today report their sustainability efforts to various stakeholders such as investors, tenants or the general public. The data we collect through managing your contracts and recycling invoices allows us to gather and report such data. Our sustainability reports provide total recycling tonnage and the percentage of total waste that has been diverted from the waste stream due to recycling.

Ready to Wave Goodbye to Complex Waste Processes?

Put our waste experts to work removing the hassle from tactical and strategic management of your waste expenses. We’ll take care of your waste and recycling, so you and your employees can focus on your core business activities.

Lose Your Waste Worries