Invoice Processing and Payment

End-to-End Invoice Management

Cass processes over 245,000 invoices every single day. By systematically capturing, processing, and analyzing complex billing information from disparate sources and vendors into a single repository, we gather data that enables inventory control, auditing, dispute management, general ledger allocations, payment, and enterprise reporting and analytics.

Timely Invoice Payment

Cass isn’t a broker or a hauler. Cass Waste Expense Management Services are backed by a financial institution which means we can offer a unique level of invoice payment capabilities that ensures your invoices are paid accurately and on time.

Cass leverages our own wholly owned subsidiary, Cass Commercial Bank – a U.S. Federal Reserve-member bank – to make electronic payments directly to vendors, avoiding lockboxes, checks, or unsecure internet payments. And no missed payments mean no missed pickups!

  • Banish late fees
  • Avoid service interruptions
  • Transfer funds confidently

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