Invoice Audit and Dispute Management

Savings are delivered to your pocket, not ours.

Systematic invoice audits are an integral component of all Cass managed services. Through our proprietary processes and automated technology, we identify anomalies and ensure invoices are billing at the appropriate rates and in line with contract terms. Worried about rising service fees? We flag any unscheduled fee increases through our closed loop processes.

We then work with our contacts at each vendor on your behalf to recover any overcharges, correct errors, and get refunds or credits for you. Our dedicated staff of waste professionals manages vendor invoice disputes via sophisticated workflow tools, so you can see the status at any time. We’ve built long-term working relationships with waste services vendors and have knowledge of their procedures and access to their dispute channels. This means we can accelerate the time for recovery and maximize the recovery on each claim.

Audit in Detail

Cass audits every line, comparing each invoice to your contract looking for variances and discrepancies.

Recoup More Funds

We know waste. Our professionals know what’s needed to ensure the maximum amount of funds are recovered from each dispute.

Resolved Faster

We have good relationships with waste services vendors, so we know exactly who to call when to get your money recovered as quick as possible.

Wondering Where to Start?

Contact us today to find out how an Environment Assessment can highlight what you are doing well and what needs immediate attention.

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