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9 April 2019 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

With the right know-how and expertise, cloud migration needn't be exorbitant. 

Yet, time and again, managing cloud spend tops IT managers' list of key challenges they face when migrating to the cloud. And, in fact, the expenditure involved with cloud migration is sometimes enough to deter businesses from making the transition altogether.

Our latest e-book explores cloud cost optimization techniques and identifies the best time for your business to begin the process.

Learn not just how, but when to start optimizing cloud costs – download our new  e-book today

How to Optimize Cloud Costs

Our new download details six key methods for cutting cloud costs:

  1. Identify and eliminate unused resources
  2. Identify and eliminate orphaned resources
  3. Eliminate redundant snapshots
  4. Rightsize cloud resources
  5. Take advantage of reserved instances
  6. Set schedules

Keeping your cloud costs down during migration is vital for any enterprise looking to maximize the benefits of working in the public cloud, and this e-book takes you through the step-by-step processes.

When to Optimize Cloud Costs

It's not just about how you optimize costs, however, it's about when you should begin.

Traditionally, enterprises only start cost optimization after cloud migration has been achieved. This may seem logical, but it's been found to be hugely inefficient, as cloud costs can skyrocket in the years between migration and optimization.

To learn how to rein in your cloud expenditure and keep migration as cost-effective as possible, download our new e-book today.

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