A Payments Solution That Addresses Your Needs

For network payment and fintech providers, payment processing is complex, time-consuming, and fraught with regulations.

Cass eliminates extra steps, ensuring greater end-to-end control. And throughout the process, we maintain the flexibility to accommodate the needs of your end customers.

Gold Standard Service

Gold Standard Service

The Cass integrated payments solution has been designed specifically for fintechs and network payment providers. And because of that, Cass works in ways other payment processors won’t. Because we’re both the processor and the bank, you’ll experience a more refined process, less time troubleshooting, and clearer communications. For decades, we’ve been exceeding expectations and pioneering new solutions to maximize efficiency and proactively address customers’ evolving needs. Cass clients trust us to move more than $80 billion each year on their behalf.



Insightful Service Professionals

When you work with Cass, you gain the advantage of our payments brain trust. We understand payments processing inside and out. Even when your exception seems one of a kind, we’ll know or create a way to address the challenge.

100+ Years of Financial Strength

100+ Years of Financial Strength 

Since our founding in 1906, we’ve enjoyed consistent growth and stability. Today, we’re both a publicly traded company and the parent of Cass Commercial Bank.

Because we’re subject to regulation and examination by the SEC, Nasdaq, and the U.S. Federal Reserve, our clients know that we adhere to all applicable accounting standards and controls, disclosure requirements, corporate governance, and security requirements.

A Name to Bank On

The Cass name stands for so much more than the world’s most advanced payments platform. Cass Bank is a powerful financial engine that streamlines the entire process.

Through our global electronic payment network, we make payments worldwide in local currency.

  • Cass offers unbeatable secure payment capabilities.
  • We're regulated by the U.S. Federal Reserve.
  • Clients have complete visibility to the movement of funds.
A Name to Bank On

A Global Leader in Payment Solutions

Trusted With

>$90 Billion

in annual disbursements, managed by over 1,100 employees globally

We process and Pay

16 Million

payments per year for fintechs and payment providers

Serving Businesses For

>110 Years

with a consistent focus on innovation and customer service

Smooth, Systematic Implementation

Smooth, Systematic Implementation

Getting started is an equally smooth process. Our team does the heavy lifting required to migrate accounts, integrate with your system (without changes on your side), and onboard payors and payees.

Start the Process

Make payments a more manageable part of your operations. Improve communications, visibility, client satisfaction, and reconciliation with CassPay. Find out what Cass can do for you.

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