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Finally, a solution that lets you easily collect funds, and track, pay, and reconcile domestic and international payments for your entire network. Cass truly makes it simple.


We Put the “Fin” in FinTech

If you are a fintech or network payments provider in need of a value-added, integrated payment processor, consider Cass. Because Cass has helped some of the world’s largest enterprises handle their complex payables for decades, we have gained a deeper understanding of the unique challenges fintech and payment network companies encounter. Our breadth and scope enables us to provide an effective, customized solution for every client. Cass takes the complexity out of managing the payment lifecycle – from onboarding your payors and payees, to paying in any form or currency, to managing follow-on tasks like reconciliations. And every step has maximum flexibility built in.

We can make micro payments, one-to-many payments, or many-to-many.

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With an innovative platform backed by six decades of experience in supplier payments, Cass clients trust us to manage more than $60 billion in payments each year.


Get to market faster


Strengthen financial controls


Offload compliance concerns


Get a solution that exists nowhere else

Integrated Solution Flexibility


Cass offers a versatility that other providers can’t. Our versatile, adaptable platform will integrate with your system, as it is today, so you won’t have to modify your system to work with ours. Disbursement accounts can be funded through any money transfer mode, including debit and credit ACH, wires, drawdowns, image cash letters, credit cards and more.

And you’ll gain access to every payment option you need: domestic, international, ACH, check, virtual cards, wire transfers, and more. There’s virtually no type of payment that we can’t handle.


Transparent and Streamlined

When our platform integrates with yours, magic happens. You’ll be empowered to offer full payment visibility to your clients. And through this integration, file feeds, or our online portal or data feeds, you’ll enjoy full transparency to all transactions, including fundings, payments, cleared checks, returned ACHs, and more.

The Strength and Support of Cass Commercial Bank

Our company found its start long ago – in 1906 – as Cass Avenue Bank. Today, that bank, ranked as one of the top-performing banks in the U.S., exists as Cass Commercial Bank. A wholly owned subsidiary and a member bank of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Cass Bank gives our customers direct access to a secure and dependable payment network. With it, we can support payments of any size, for any number of vendors, quickly and securely.

Support of Cass Commercial Bank
Service Built Around You

Service Built Around You

Unlike traditional banks, Cass provides personal service and a nimble approach. Our goal is to remove your payment headaches, not add to them. 

Clients tell us the best part about working with us is our service. When problems arise, we roll up our sleeves and work with your staff to solve them.  We understand you’re balancing many different priorities. We’re here to make the entire process, including reconciliation and reporting, easier and more reliable.

Our ongoing insights, based on experience and passion to continuously evolve, deliver superior oversight and efficiency.

Incomparable Value

Maybe you need a payments partner for the first time. Maybe you’re less than satisfied with your current partner. Let us help you avoid needless extra work, technology expense and exposure.

Discuss your needs with Cass and learn how we can:

  • Inform you of emerging industry issues.
  • Simplify complex payments and reporting.
  • Free your team for other responsibilities.
  • Customize our system to your unique needs.
  • Reduce operating costs associated with payments.
  • Provide supply chain finance and cash flow improvement solutions for your payors.
  • Improve payment communications.
  • Strengthen financial controls.
  • Simplify paying in multiple currencies.
  • Improve transparency into payment status and reconciliations.
  • Satisfy payees that require multiple payment options.
  • Ensure your process complies with the latest regulations.
  • Deliver value to your network – improved cash flow, transparency, ease in funding or receiving payments.
Incomparable Value for Fintechs

Make Our Expertise Work for You

How is your organization doing today? Cass can provide an honest assessment of your current system, identify potential areas for improvement, and suggest steps you can take to maximize efficiency before migrating to a new payments platform.

Of course, we’d like you to choose Cass, but we’ll also advise you on evaluating the pros and cons of available services. We’ll explain how CassPay can help.

The more you understand your options for a payment solution, the better.

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