Frequently Asked Questions

Updates to CassPort Login or Banking

Banking Money

Please email for these changes to be made. Please be aware that the username cannot be changed.

CassPort is a self-registration portal. Please visit and note these helpful tips:

  1. Click ‘Sign Up’ directly under the login section (When completing the registration process, please remember to select Company Type ‘Carrier’).
  2. Once registered, the new user will receive a CassPort username and password via email. (If the new user will need to upload invoices, please email with the user’s CassPort username along with the request. Please allow time for this request, as the set-up process is generally completed within 24 - 72 hours. Detailed invoice upload instructions will also be provided.)

Please email with your CassPort username and the invoices you are unable to view. We will update your profile.

All accounts associated with your company are profile based. If you need access to an account with different profiles, please email

Invoice | Payment Questions


A remittance can be pulled directly from CassPort in Reporting & BI, under Remittance reporting. If you cannot find it there, please email with the amount of the payment and the date of the payment. We will pull this information for you.

Please email with your username and the name of the Cass Client you will be billing.

Please email for assistance.

Please email for assistance.

Invoices can be mailed to:

Client Name

C/O Cass Information Systems

PO Box 67

St. Louis, MO 63166

Please send invoice numbers related to the payments in question to for assistance.

Sorry, once an invoice has been submitted, there is no way to remove it. Please contact for further assistance with identifying the correct invoice.

Please email a screenshot from your invoice upload history to for further assistance.

Please email the check number and the date of the payment to for assistance.

EDI | API Connections


Please complete and submit this form to begin the process with your customer and our EDI team.

Cass continues to explore API options. If you have an immediate need, we would like to discuss those options with you. Please email your needs to

Please email with any EDI-820 issues.

Early Payment Programs


Cass’s early payment programs and factors both provide you with the opportunity to receive your funds prior to the terms outlined in your contract.

Cass pays 100% of your invoice less a small, expedited fee without any hidden fees, ownership of your receivables, or liens. Cass allows you to enjoy the benefits of having your cash without UCC filings or tapping into your lines of credit.

Please check your specific invoices to see if they have any exceptions or issues. Invoices must be approved and finished processing completely before payment can be made. If you would like to discuss the details further, please email

Cass’s early payment programs provide you with earlier visibility to invoice problems. Our programs are not outsourced, and we make no changes to your current billing procedures.

The Cass Expedite program is an off-balance sheet financing option that will not affect your credit. It can help lower your A/R and increases your cash flow, giving you the opportunity to negotiate a lower line of credit rate. Expedite allows you to save your line of credit for emergencies rather than day-to-day operations.

Cass can initiate a payment for all invoices that are scheduled to be paid more than 2 days from today’s date. Please email to get started today.

Cass does offer a shipper specific Expedite program; however, you may find it advantageous to sign up for our full Expedite program and qualify for a weighted average discount rate. Email for more information.

Cass Freight Index


The Cass Freight Index is a measure of overall North American freight volumes and expenditures.

With over 10,000 subscribers, our monthly report provides unique insights into freight trends and their relation to other supply chain indicators and the wider economy. Our data is relied upon and utilized by shippers, carriers, analysts, and others. The index is commonly referenced in leading financial and logistics publications as well as national news outlets. Learn more here.

You can subscribe to the Cass Freight Index here.

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