Unmatched Utility Bill Management

Cass provides the utility bill management service that will put you in control of invoice management, on-time payment, and expense management – with transparent processes, high-value intelligence, and powerful reporting capabilities.


Proactivity from Invoice Receipt to Payment

From invoice arrival and data capture to eventual payment, Cass incorporates rigorous quality controls to ensure a reliable and proactive process.

We use advanced EDI, web retrieval, optical character recognition (OCR) techniques and highly efficient paper handling processes to quickly and accurately capture, review, and validate all incoming invoices. And when invoices are late, we contact the vendor to minimize late payments and service disruption.

As America’s leading utility bill processing and payment provider – managing $20 billion in annual facility-related spend – Cass delivers unmatched speed, reliability, and confidence in the process – and the data.


Timely Payment Takes Priority

Timely utility payments are key to smooth business operations, combating the occurrence of both late fees and utility service disruption.

At Cass, we achieve this through highly automated processes and a system that alerts of missing bills so we can obtain and pay them before service is shut off.

Our passion for speed and quality have resulted in an average invoice processing time of less than one business day. 


Substantial limitation of late fees


Decreased threat of missed payments


Eliminate duplicate invoice payments

shut offs

Avoid service shut-offs

What We Pay

Cass bill processing and payment services can help you manage and control virtually all your facility-related expenses. We receive, validate, pay, and report on over 150 different services types including these, for example:

  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Propane
  • Landscaping
  • Waste
  • Contract Maintenance
  • And many more
What We Pay

Accounting Data Delivered

Not only do we take invoice management off of your hands, we also deliver detailed, custom-built accounting files directly to your ERP or accounting system. Our clients’ accounting requirements vary widely, as do their accounting/ERP systems, but one thing is consistent: your accounting rules will not need to change. And our commitment to accuracy is strong.

  • Costs allocated per your requirements – at any level of detail
  • Real-time or near real-time visibility into invoice status and scheduled and historical payments
  • Transparency to the payment process
  • Handling of vendors’ invoice-related inquiries

Thanks to Cass Commercial Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary and Federal Reserve member bank, you can count on secure and tight management of funds. Additionally, because we are a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: CASS), our financials are always available for you to review. 

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive visibility and functionality via our client portal, ExpenseSmart®. ExpenseSmart provides countless opportunities to drill into the data and access your expenses by type, facility, vendor, cost code and much more.


Our ExpenseSmart® reporting platform facilitates:

  • Financial reporting
  • Image-based exception handling
  • Trend analysis
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Normalized consumption, with user-defined KPIs
  • Cost and consumption by expense type, facility, vendor and more

Time to Bring in the Professionals?

Would you like a comprehensive utility bill payment service, delivering high-value business intelligence and powerful reporting? Then talk to us today to discover how we can help you gain visibility into spend, minimize your resource drain, and manage costs effectively.

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