Cass Launches Enterprise Cloud Management Services

16 October 2018

ST. LOUIS - October 16, 2018 - Cass Information Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CASS), the nation's leading provider of transportation, energy, telecom and waste invoice payment and information services, today announced the launch of the world’s first independent offering of Cloud Management Services for global enterprises. The service delivers cost optimization, financial reporting, security monitoring and compliance validation services to customers using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform services.

As global enterprises rapidly migrate computing resources from premise-based data centers to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) public cloud environments, they are challenged with avoiding cost overruns, accurately accounting for services used, securing these cloud environments from data breaches, and ensuring they remain compliant with regulatory standards such as CIS, ISO 27001, HIPAA and PCI. To deliver a solution for these challenges, Cass has partnered with the largest independent cloud management platform provider, CloudCheckr, to create a fully-integrated managed service that will deliver cost optimization, accounting automation, security awareness and compliance controls in a multi-cloud environment.

“Cass has long been the standard for enterprises seeking to control their expenses in a variety of payable categories. With the rampant growth of public cloud compute environments, our customers now need us to deliver a robust set of services to support their cloud migration velocity while providing cost and security controls,” said Gary Langfitt, president of the Expense Management Division of Cass. “And by integrating our ExpenseSmart platform with CloudCheckr, our global service teams will be able to proactively help our customers optimize the costs of their cloud investments while simultaneously reducing the risk of compliance gaps in their public cloud infrastructure.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Cass, a leading provider of enterprise expense management services, as they extend their enterprise management expertise to the cloud,” said Jeff Valentine, chief product officer at CloudCheckr. “Many infrastructure providers have primarily designed their management tools for SMB users, but global enterprises have unique scale requirements that require CloudCheckr’s cloud management platform to manage confidently. We know that many enterprises will benefit from leveraging a services partner like Cass to deliver cost optimization and security as a service, freeing up their internal teams to focus on building rather than managing, and thereby accelerating their digital transformation.”

“I&O leaders are challenged to manage private, public and multi-cloud services,” according to Gartner in a 2018 report authored by Dennis Smith and Milind Govekar. The report continues, “Service providers will become more prominent to help I&O teams as more enterprises have multi-cloud requirements and are unable to navigate the tool market. The service providers will not only provide tooling, but also assistance in key areas like process transformation.”1

Cass Cloud Management Services deliver detailed cost accounting of cloud expenses, optimization of cloud spend, proactive security alerting for hundreds of best practice checks, and compliance tracking against dozens of published standards, while integrating with the customer’s ITSM tools for improved process automation. For more information, please visit

1Gartner, China Summary Translation: 'Market Guide for Cloud Management Platforms', 28 April 2018

About Cass Information Systems

Cass Information Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated information and payment management solutions. Cass enables enterprises to achieve visibility, control and efficiency in their supply chains, communications networks, facilities and other operations. Disbursing more than $50 billion annually on behalf of clients, and with total assets of $1.5 billion, Cass is uniquely supported by Cass Commercial Bank. Founded in 1906 and a wholly owned subsidiary, Cass Bank provides sophisticated financial exchange services to the parent organization and its clients. Cass is part of the Russell 2000®.

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