White Papers

Freight Payment White Paper

The 6 Best Practices in Freight Payment

The range of capabilities in freight audit & payment solutions runs the gamut from simple to incredibly complex. Shippers must match the complexity of their solution to that of their transportation activity, accounting needs, and business intelligence requirements.

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Supply Chain Analytics White Paper

Transportation & Supply Chain Analytics: How to Evaluate Your Freight Payment Solution for the Data it Provides

Superior supply chain management requires superior transportation data. Many experts agree that the most valuable and trusted source of this information is a best-practice freight payment process. Learn what best-in-class organizations are doing to get the best transportation data possible.

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Freight Payment Models White Paper

Freight Payment and Cash Management Principles: How to Ensure Yours are in Sync

This white paper will give you some surprising insights into the payment scheduling methods used by various third party provides.

  • Learn how to identify hidden working capital costs
  • Determine if your payment model is best aligned with your business needs
  • Identify sub-optimal processes exposing risk or slowing payments
  • Find out if you are receiving the full benefits of extended terms with carriers

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Parcel Management White Paper

Test your Competency in Parcel Payment Management

How do your organization’s parcel expense management practices compare to others?

This paper defines best practices in parcel payment management and suggests how to benchmark your current parcel shipping payment process. Learn how to “own” and control the payment process by utilizing fundamental data mining and business process management.

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