Case Study: How Michelin Became a Mobile-First Enterprise

Michelin is a global leader in tire manufacturing, known for its dependable, high quality products and its trendsetting innovations.

The Situation

When Michelin came to Cass for help, the company had 4,000 corporate-owned devices (most of which were outdated), its service costs were high and many of its employees were prevented from accessing emails and calendars.

Michelin was receiving little value from its mobility program, but understood increased mobility could offer real business benefits. Not to mention, increasingly, Michelin’s employees were requesting access to corporate systems from their personal devices.

The company decided to engage Cass to help it become a mobile-first enterprise. They relied on Cass to help develop and implement a successful BYOD policy and strategy, which included providing Michelin employees with the revolutionary Direct2Carrier stipends, a patented process that utilizes the Cass Global Electronic Payment Network to deliver BYOD stipends and reimbursements directly onto the employee’s carrier account as a credit.

Cass was also tasked with establishing a single employee portal for enrollment of corporate and BYO devices, as well as with providing reporting and visibility into all mobile related inventory and expenses. In addition to the user-friendly portal, Michelin’s HR and GL systems were integrated for easy, hands-free management.

The Result

The BYOD implementation, which took less than 60 days to go live, was truly a turnkey process. In the end, it transitioned nearly 4,000 corporate owned devices to personally owned devices while lowering the average per device per month cost of a user by 43%.

Michelin was able to leverage those savings by investing in greater mobile security capabilities and increased mobile app development, ultimately transforming Michelin into a true mobile first company. And if the 2012 Michelin IS Supplier of the Year award presented to Cass is any indication, the entire program has been a huge success.

Key Stats


Over 7,000 employees


Reduced per device costs by 43%


Funded mobile app development


Increased mobile spend visibility

Key Services

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