Case Study: How an Oil and Gas Giant Saved Millions on Telecom Contracts

A leading oil and gas organization with thousands of corporate and retail locations sought to renegotiate and consolidate five major telecom contracts. Cass was chosen to offer support and guidance throughout the procurement process and ensure a seamless changeover while releasing significant cost-savings.

The Situation

With five pan-EMEA and APAC telecom contracts reaching the end of their term, and a predicted $2 million price hike imminent, this oil and gas enterprise needed to renegotiate its mobile management and consolidate existing contracts into one single carrier.

Focusing on minimizing service disruption across the 15 effected countries, Cass was chosen to support the client throughout the procurement process, including analyzing suppliers, compiling requirements, and going out to bid.

The Result

After managing and analyzing over 40 RFP responses from suppliers across 15 countries, in various currencies across the EMEA and APAC regions, Cass was able to deliver cost savings of 36% – well above the original target and equating to an overall saving of over $6 million dollars.

End-to-end procurement support also ensured that disruption during the changeover process was kept to a minimum and that cost controls and reporting capabilities were prioritized for future growth.

In-depth knowledge of the global telecom market was a vital asset during the mobile contract procurement process. Cass’s expertise provided greater visibility of telecom spend across the entire company, allowing informed cost ownership decisions and accurate estimates of data growth to be made.

The telecom arena is notoriously tricky to navigate, but with the right experience, visibility and expertise, significant savings can be delivered. With in-depth insight into telecom vendors and what they’re really willing to give, Cass is perfectly placed to provide independent support throughout the RFP process and set the standard for telecom sourcing.

Key Stats


36% reduction in mobile spend


Cost-savings of $6 million


Management and analysis of 40 RFP responses


Improved visibility into telecom spend

Key Services

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