Case Study: How a Healthcare Provider Achieves Ongoing Telecom Savings

Healthcare organizations constantly seek ways to control costs without sacrificing care. A 50‐campus hospital system turned to Cass for help with Telecom Expense Management (TEM). By relying on Cass experts, who scrutinize even small costs, the healthcare provider realizes significant savings, year after year.

The Solution

Cass processes all of the organization’s telecom invoices and manages its telecom inventory, nearly 75,000 circuits to ensure each is active and properly billed.

Cass processes nearly 15,000 invoices a month for this client and looks for rate discrepancies. Such audit findings result in thousands of dollars of monthly savings. But Cass doesn’t stop there. The team finds additional, smaller savings that would be missed by most telecom expense management providers — unauthorized third‐party billing charges of less than $5 and numerous $1.50 charges for a *69 calling feature. Due to invoice volume, these overcharges grow in significance over time.

Ongoing Care

In the fifth year of its relationship with Cass, the client realized annualized savings of nearly $400,000 a 5% reduction. Total savings over the first five years amount to $2.91 million.

Most telecom veterans expect to see the bulk of their telecom expense management program savings in the first year, but little afterward. Cass clients, however, continue to realize significant savings beyond that first year — primarily due to Cass’s granular audit methodology.

New contracts, new circuits and new issues constantly develop, and Cass seizes every opportunity. Cass obsesses over details without losing sight of the big picture. This healthcare provider’s results would have been far less remarkable if Cass focused solely on low-hanging fruit — the big items that are quickly and easily identified. Cass goes further: detailed audits reveal small but recurring errors. And the small, regular recoveries, combined with the less frequent large ones, generate significant results year after year.

Key Stats


Managing 75,000 circuits


15,000 invoices processed a month


$2.91 million saved over 5 years


Over 5 years of positive ROI

Key Services

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