Global TEM Done Right

for a Top 5 Biotech Company

Cass delivers a global solution to a worldwide household name. In less than a year, they saw a 165% return on their TEM investment.

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For 4 years, a global biopharma company had been working with a self-proclaimed telecom expense management (TEM) “leader”. During that time, the service quality and results were not enough to satisfy the company’s global operation. So, in March 2018, they turned to Cass. Within 7 months, we set up a global TEM solution that has delivered millions of dollars in cost reductions.

Delivering an Effective, Global Solution

Since 2014, our client had struggled to achieve effective telecom expense management across their entire organization. Domestic TEM operations were sufficient, but it was clear that divisions of the business in APAC, Latin America and Europe needed optimization.

Global organizations benefit from TEM more than any other, but only when their provider has truly global capabilities. Not only do they see the biggest returns in optimization, they can best enjoy streamlined operations and strategic financial planning that come as a result. For our client, the challenge was two-fold:

  • They needed a solution that could deliver actual savings, not just recommend savings
  • They also wanted a service that could deliver as well at home as it could abroad

Cass delivered on both counts, leveraging regional expertise to deliver millions of dollars in savings.

Key Stats

cost reductions

$2.43 million in cost reductions


165% ROI


98% inventory accuracy achieved in under 9 months

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