Bring Your Own Device Solutions

  • Unlock greater visibility & control
  • Improve end-user experience
  • Streamline reimbursement processes
  • Remain secure & compliant
Cass BYOD: The Complete Best-Practice Solution

Complete Best-Practice Bring Your Own Device Solutions

Allowing employees to use their preferred devices has a number of benefits. But it’s crucial that your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy doesn't introduce security or financial risks.

Completely different from anything else on the market, the Cass BYOD service delivers process efficiency, visibility, risk management, and cost control.

Cass BYOD: The Complete Best-Practice Solution

The Three Cornerstones of BYOD Solutions


Direct2Carrier Payments™

A simpler, more effective way to manage reimbursement.


Streamlined Processes

Integrate systems, eliminate overheads, automate approval processes & simplify the end-user experience.


Increased Controls

Expand visibility, segment users & expenses, and increase policy compliance.

The Cass BYOD Management Process

Reimbursement can be a huge headache for enterprises running Bring Your Own Device programs. Our service turns a business pain point into a simple process that allows IT managers to take a hands-off approach, safe in the knowledge that reimbursement is taken care of.

Direct2Carrier Payments™

Direct2Carrier Payments™

Our patented Direct2Carrier Payments™ solution streamlines the process of reimbursing your employees for BYOD.

The Cass service maintains data on employee-owned mobile accounts and each employee’s associated approved amount for employer reimbursement.

Instead of indirect reimbursement through employee payroll or an expense report process, the credit is transferred straight to the employee’s carrier account. This means the employee’s account with their mobile carrier is simply credited with their reimbursement each time they're invoiced. If you reimburse $50 per month, the employee pays the net invoice amount, after that $50 has been deducted.

Cass offers “the most fit-for-purpose solution to date for specifically managing SRAs and the payment process itself.”

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“How to Manage Stipends, Reimbursements and Allowances for Employee-Owned Mobility” Bryan Taylor, Rich Doheny

MDM Integration for Compliance Management

Any Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is only as good as its level of adoption. But most businesses struggle to achieve, or even approach, full adoption, especially among Bring Your Own Device users. Cass’s MDM service is different – with an in-built compliance incentive.

Companies that integrate their MDM/EMM system with the Cass BYOD solution find it easier to achieve adoption from their BYOD employees. Reimbursement is contingent on MDM enrollment – a great incentive. Automatic alerts ensure that users who leave the program won’t slip through the cracks, keeping you informed and encouraging users to comply with policy. Any user that deletes the MDM system or violates mobile policy has their reimbursement stopped.

MDM Integration for Compliance Management

Transformative Bring Your Own Device Solutions for Michelin

Michelin’s BYOD program is 4,000 strong. See how they leveraged BYOD savings to invest in increased security, custom mobile apps, and transformation of their mobile workforce.

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Unparalleled End-user Experience

End-User Experience

With Cass, the essence of the end-user experience is effortless simplicity. Employees have the freedom to use their preferred devices and are granted access to corporate applications and resources, while employer privacy is protected. Meanwhile, our end-user mobility help desk can help them overcome any challenges with their service.

And because employees do not receive funds from the employer, end-users aren’t required to complete an expense report.

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