You Can't Automate Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Expense Management

19 October 2021 | Posted by Nick Oldham

When delivered correctly, telecom expense management (TEM) is a powerful cost-saving tool for enterprises. TEM software can automate invoice payments, identify and eradicate inefficiencies, and reduce the admin burden for internal teams. But one thing it can't automate is quality customer service. While there's no shortage of TEM vendors promising game-changing software, it's the level of customer support that separates the best from the rest. 

When it comes to effective TEM, relying solely on software is rarely enough. To get the most value out of a TEM program, you need to partner with an experienced provider that builds upon the benefits it provides. 

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The Importance of TEM

At the enterprise level, telecom environments are vast, intricate, and complex.

Keeping track of multiple lines, carriers, vendors, and IT services is an ongoing challenge. Especially for overworked internal teams. Without in-depth insight into infrastructure and costs, inactive resources, errors, and misapplied billing often result in millions in wasted spending. 

TEM helps to cut through the complexity. It enables enterprises to consolidate, manage, and optimize their telecoms environment to help drive substantial cost savings. This is achieved by maximizing asset availability, streamlining business processes, and eliminating wasted resources. 

As your telecoms estate grows, working with a TEM provider will be crucial to ensure that you never lose sight of what you own. 

The Components of Effective TEM

The level of TEM service can vary greatly between providers. Many simply offer software that optimizes processes. But the best TEM partners take this one step further and provide a complete service-driven approach to support their telecom expense management platform.

Powerful Software

One of the most impactful benefits of TEM software is its ability to automate many of the complex manual tasks associated with managing a large telecom estate. 

In addition, TEM software allows enterprises to:

  • Identify inactive or wasted resources
  • Process and pay invoices automatically
  • Get a unified view of your telecom inventory
  • Automate contract management

Quality Service

While effective software is important, quality service is the key differentiator between providers. 

Your TEM vendor should act as an extension of your in-house teams. They should offer support, advice, and guidance that allows you to fully capitalize on the cost-saving potential of TEM.

An experienced provider will also be able to offer:

  • Sourcing and contract negotiation
  • Account management
  • Management of the entire mobility lifecycle
  • In-region knowledge and support across multiple countries

The Best of Both Worlds

A combination of powerful software and quality service is the best way to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 

Cass is the market leader in TEM customer satisfaction. Unlike other providers, we build your success into our SLAs. So instead of ending the commitment once the software is delivered, we'll continue to work towards achieving the best results possible. 

Case Study: How an Oil and Gas Giant Saved Millions on Telecom Contracts

Here's how Cass helped a large oil and gas enterprise secure the best telecom contracts with independent support throughout the RFP process. 

The Situation

The client had five pan-EMEA and APAC telecom contracts reaching the end of their term, and a potential $2 million price hike on the horizon. They needed to renegotiate its mobile management and consolidate existing contracts into one single carrier.

They choose Cass to help:

  • Analyze suppliers
  • Minimize service disruption
  • Compile requirements
  • Negotiate and bid for new contracts

The Results

We analyzed over 40 RFP responses from suppliers across 15 countries, so we could negotiate the best deals. This resulted in cost savings of 36%. That equates to overall savings of over $6 million.

Ongoing procurement support also ensured minimal disruption during the changeover process. Our expertise provided greater visibility of telecom spend across the entire company. This enabled informed cost ownership decisions and accurate estimates of data growth to be made.

Choose Cass for Telecom Expense Management

To get the most value out of TEM software, you need a service that offers ongoing support to capitalize on the benefits it provides.

With an experienced team at your side, your enterprise can improve visibility over your telecom, drive significant cost savings, and free up time so your teams can focus on what matters most. 

Download the complete guide to telecom expense management

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