Why Choose Managed MACDs?

25 March 2021 | Posted by Russell Hodge

In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s not enough to have a static approach to managing your enterprise telecom environment. Innovations in technology, changes to methods of working, and end-user expectations are continuously pushing businesses to adapt.

For many organizations, it's difficult to balance ever-growing telecom networks with important cost-saving, security, and visibility controls. These considerations remain on the back burner, as internal teams lack time and resources to prioritize them while simultaneously managing the entire telecom lifecycle. In-house staff must juggle every process within complex webs of fixed telecoms, IT infrastructure, end-user devices, and increasingly common Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Bring Your Own Network (BYON) solutions across multiple, globally reaching locations.

However, if you lack the in-house capabilities to optimize your telecom environment effectively, key cost-saving processes can be overlooked.

What are Telecom MACDs?

MACD describes any order for a move, an add, a change, or disconnection of telecom services. Monitoring MACD orders provides better visibility of changes to your telecom inventory, helping to inform decisions – an essential component of the inventory management process.

A common problem that occurs when monitoring MACD activity is that functions which should be executed together, such as telecom expense management (TEM), telecom inventory management, and provisioning processes remain separated. And with no central, consolidated platform to manage them for your internal teams, the likelihood of mistakes, inaccuracies, and over-charges increases.

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The Value of Monitoring MACD Activity 

During provisioning, inventory management and TEM processes are managed separately. However, this means that there is no standardized platform to report MACD activity and inform TEM or inventory management decisions.

Due to this, companies can miss changes in their telecom environment. And many continue paying for unused services or overcharges without their knowledge.

Ordering and provisioning teams work hard to find the best technology or telecom contracts for your business. Therefore, key MACD activities must be accurately recorded on an up-to-date telecom inventory. This provides decision-makers with the in-depth insight they require to compare services with invoices – to ensure you’re only paying for what you use.

Your organization will benefit from better visibility of cost-savings opportunities, helping streamline the management of your telecom environment no matter how quickly you need to scale or make-way for new technology. So, how can you improve the visibility of MACDs?

How Managed MACDs Can Help

Enterprise organizations that operate on a global scale require the ability to accurately track, manage, and report on their telecom environment and IT assets.

Telecom expense management providers are uniquely positioned to help your business consolidate processes, including the tracking of MACD activity, into a single, automated platform.

To achieve this, TEM providers capture in-depth detail of your equipment and services down to the feature level, reported on an all-in-one telecom inventory management system. This lets your internal teams see exactly what they need to  inform their decision-making, and allows your chosen TEM partner to continuously optimize processes. 

How does working with a telecom expense management provider for MACD services complement your telecom lifecycle management?

  • Consolidate TEM, inventory management, and provisioning processes
  • Improve visibility of MACD activity to support decision-making 
  • Maintain accuracy across your telecom inventory 
  • Find and execute opportunities for cost optimization and savings
  • Obtain expert monitoring of MACD activity

Regain Control of Telecom MACDs with a Trusted TEM Partner

When working with a telecom expense management provider, you're empowered to choose the level of support you need. It's up to you to decide if you want to manage ordering and provisioning services in-house, or let your TEM partner work as extension of your team to support and reduce the burden.

Regardless of your preference, an experienced and knowledgeable TEM partner will help your enterprise regain control and visibility of your vital MACD activity and expense management processes. Clear insight into expense management processes will help you generate immediate cost and time savings, optimize processes, and unlock the true value of your MACD activity. 

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