How to Manage Compliance with Effective Mobility Management

13 August 2020 | Posted by Josh Paine

The corporate compliance landscape is one of near constant change. With ever-evolving global regulations, policies, and operational requirements, it can be hard for enterprise organizations to stay compliant across their entire network of devices.

Keeping up with regulatory compliance is an ongoing process that requires consistent monitoring, and is essential to mitigate operational, legal, and business risk.

Enterprises should look to leverage managed mobility services (MMS) to help them manage their compliance effectively, and ensure that they continue to meet the high standards expected of them.

Here’s how you can better manage your organizational compliance with effective mobility management.

Data Compliance

With ongoing data requirements, companies that service customers need to take the appropriate measures to ensure they comply with data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA.

This is especially significant for telecom providers because sensitive customer data sits at the heart of their central operations. The risk of breaches is a major concern, so it's important that data is collected, stored, and managed effectively.

One of the most cost-effective ways to manage ongoing data compliance is through unified endpoint management (UEM). A UEM solution provides you with a consolidated view of all of your devices and endpoints, allowing you to manage your entire fleet of devices from a single location. This gives you complete visibility across your network and allows you to roll out end-to-end security protocols across all devices, ensuring their continued data protection.

The best MMS providers offer UEM support, and can also handle lifecycle management, including the safe removal, resale, and recycling of devices, without breaching security, which will help to optimize your logistics environment. 

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Securing Your Supply Chain 

For global businesses, supply chains can be long, complicated, and difficult to manage. They often involve multiple different suppliers spread across your infrastructure. This can make security a considerable challenge, especially as vulnerabilities can be introduced at any point across the supply chain. With this in mind, it's important you have full visibility of your mobility environment. 

An effective MMS provider can help with sourcing and logistics management, to help streamline delivery and acquisition of devices. With better insight, it's easier to identify unification opportunities with your suppliers to solidify your connections across the chain. 

In addition, greater mobility management will help you manage compliance in line with service management obligations, improving control and efficiency throughout the mobile lifecycle. So you can be confident that wherever in the world you send your devices, you're covered and compliant. 

Managing Third-party Vendors

Much like your supply chain, ensuring your third-party vendors are themselves compliant is essential. In a worldwide organisational survey, PwC found that only 52% of businesses have security standards in place for third parties.

As you're already aware, if your suppliers or vendors aren't compliant, then you can face reputational damage that could negatively impact your enterprise. As businesses constantly need new devices, deployment is always high and this means numerous vendors will have to be audited. Compliance will need to be regulated throughout the entire mobility lifecycle, end-to-end.

A good MMS provider can manage the relationships between you and third-party providers, suppliers, and vendors. Ensuring that they comply with company-wide policy, and any service management obligations. More so, a globally-capable MMS provider can work directly with end-users no matter where they are in the world, and deal with any issues straight away, without delay. 

The Right MMS For You

With compliance regulations changing rapidly, it's essential for enterprises to have a mobility infrastructure that can adapt to the evolving demands. 

With the right managed mobility services (MMS) provider you can manage your large-scale mobility lifecycle with ease, and stay compliant across your entire network. 

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services

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