New Download: The Complete Guide to Telecom Expense Management

15 December 2020 | Posted by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

The dynamic nature of enterprise telecom means the landscape is constantly shifting. These days, organizations must navigate a complex web of circuits, devices, regulations, invoices, and raw data if they’re to keep budgets within tolerable limits. This has resulted in an increasing number of enterprises relying on telecom expense management (TEM) solutions to help retain control and visibility of their estates.

As enterprise telecommunications networks grow in complexity, so to do the challenges associated with understanding, organizing, and managing the individual assets that comprise them.

If you’re new to TEM or are thinking of switching providers, you’ll undoubtedly have questions. Enter The Complete Guide to TEM

The Business Benefits of Telecom Expense Management

Our guide is full of useful insights to help you understand telecom expense management at the enterprise level.

We begin with a brief history of telecom expense management. What it is, when it began, and how it’s changed in the last few decades, following the advent of the internet. This leads into the heart of the guide, where we outline the seven main benefits of TEM:

  1. Cost control
  2. Reduced downtime
  3. Increased visibility
  4. Managed mobility support
  5. Full lifecycle support
  6. Regional compliance
  7. Expert guidance

Each section explains how a trusted TEM vendor can help you achieve these benefits. This covers everything from navigating complicated rate structures to ensure you only pay for what you actually use and how regular invoice audits help you eliminate billing errors, overcharges, and late fees.

In addition, we highlight the importance of inventory optimisation and the true cost of service outages: both in terms of lost hours and reputational damage.

Everything You Need to Know About TEM

Alongside the main organizational benefits delivered by a TEM solution, we explore:

  • Who TEM helps
  • How much you can save with a well-orchestrated TEM solution
  • How to identify and avoid the most common TEM mistakes
  • What separates a truly global TEM provider from the rest and how to find one

Download the guide today and discover everything you need to know about enterprise telecom expense management.

The Complete Guide to Telecom Expense Management

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