Freight Claims Processing

Streamline and Simplify Freight Claims Processing

The process of managing freight claims is time consuming, inefficient and frustrating for almost every shipper. Documents are hard to manage, communications are difficult to keep track of, and working with many different carriers and their systems further complicates the process. Organizations wanting to achieve efficiency and tight controls outsource freight claims management to Cass. Working together, we’ll create a centralized, transparent loss and damage claims process.

The benefits are many. Our claims management software provides immediate, online access to current and historical claims information. Time-to-resolution is shorter than with manual processes, and you can lower your claims threshold due to increased efficiencies.

By outsourcing claims management to Cass, you will gain:

  • Tightly managed, centralized freight claims processing
  • Increased recoveries
  • Shorter resolution times
  • Visibility to outstanding claims
  • Reporting for current and historical claims
  • Email updates when claims status changes
  • Centralized, online storage of all claims documents/photos

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