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Cass Information Systems is the nation's leading provider of payment and information services for corporate America’s freight, utility, waste and telecom expenses. We are a business-to-business solutions provider focused on invoice processing, payment, auditing and business intelligence services. We are strongly committed to providing consistently high-quality service to our customers and deeply committed to the welfare and professional growth of our staff.

The Audit Representative position is responsible for verifying waste disposal costs through first level auditing and collecting missing expected waste invoices as indicated by reporting.

Primary position responsibilities

  • First level Auditing 
    o Efficiently process the initial data entry phase of vendor invoice auditing with accuracy following system processes and business rules through auditing system 
    o Dispatch correspondence from audit inbox to appropriate queue as needed
  • Missing vendor invoice processing 
    o Contact vendors to get copies of missing invoices and update address to Cass if applicable 
    o Run reports and provide authorization documentation when required 
    o Upload electronic invoice copies for auditing 
    o Manage online accounts related to vendor invoices received via email
  • Research under billed invoices
    o Review expected charges vs. billed charges and adjust invoice as needed when an under billing is identified. Use established procedures to make decision on updating.
  • Gathering missing invoice data
    o Contact waste haulers to gather required information missing from invoice in order to process invoice through audit.
  • Vendor past due notices
    o Address incoming past due notices related to vendor invoices by researching the balances open and communicating internally or externally using established procedures.
  • Mail Processing
    o Processing outgoing mail correspondence to clients and waste service providers both via email and by regular mail.
    o Sort incoming mail (invoices vs. payments)
    o Open and scan all incoming correspondence for audit using established scanning profiles

Knowledge and minimum requirements

  • Minimum basic level experience with Excel
  • Ability to quickly enter data with accuracy
  • Strong problem solving skills with the ability to make quick decisions
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • One year of customer service related experience
  • One year of data entry or invoice processing experience 



Jacksonville, Florida

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